Welcome to the Theodore Turley Family Organization

The Theodore Turley Family Organization is an ancestral family organization comprised of the descendents of Theodore Turley who was born April 10, 1801 in Birmingham, England.  Membership is open to all descendents of Theodore Turley as well as to other interested individuals.

The purposes of the organization:
  1. Identify and locate the ancestors and the descendents of Theodore Turley.
  2. Once these individuals are identified we want to gather, compile, preserve, study and organize the information and histories so that it may be of benefit to both ancestors and descendents.
  3. We want to make this information available to the descendents in a cost-effective, legal and sensitive manner (safeguarding the privacy of the living descendents) so that we may strengthen our family ties providing a common link for us all and be able to use the information to provide a legacy and example for our descendents.
Recent additions to the site:
June 2009 Newsletter available for download July 9, 2009
February 2009 Newsletter available for download February, 2009
October 2008 newsletter available for download December 15, 2008
Newsletters available as PDF files to download  
Family Line Representatives updated February 17, 2006
Executive committee meeting held in Vancouver Washington February 15, 2006
PayPal support added for subscription payments February 14, 2006
New site developed  February 3, 2006


For information or suggestion, please contact Mark Turley.

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