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Sara started treatment over six years ago and the bills so far have totaled about five million dollars.  We're very fortunate to have insurance that has covered the majority of the hospital & treatment costs.  But even with insurance coverage; copayments, deductibles, non-covered treatment and incidental out-of-pocket costs have ranged from several hundred to thousands of dollars per month, leaving the family with several tens of thousands of dollars in bills.


Members of the community have been very generous and have helped through fundraisers and donations.

In October & November 2010, our friends at Hitachi Consulting in Portland and Seattle organized fundraisers and donated over $14,000 to help pay for medical expenses.  Read about the Love Life 5K Fun Run.

Sara's T-Shirt Fund Raiser


For those who would like to help, we've setup an account for donations.  All money goes to the costs related to Sara's care. Donations can be made online using PayPal.


Send with PayPal Find her PayPal account using the address:  

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