Sara competing double mini


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Jamie & Sara are teammates

Sara completing a front tuck (flip) during her trampoline routine

Doing a pike jump during the same routine

prepairing to drop to her back

Finishing a hand stand during her tumbling pass

completing a front tuck off the double mini

Sara won 2nd in tumbling, 2nd in double mini and 5th on the trampoline

Sara's coach excepting an award for a teammate

Paul and Sara with Liza Murren, her nurse from Children's and Lisa Mckay from Make a Wish

Cruise sponsered by the American Cancer Society and Camp Good Times

Josh is prepairing for a hike, he packed the most important thing...

Here we go!

Sara is loving her new hair!

Look at the cute curls! No she did not have curly hair before treatment...

Just hangin out in the leaves

notice the new hair?

she started it...

about the only time they stopped fighting

has anyone seen my body?

I love this one

This is a rare moment

A gift from Jared Hess, the creator of Napoleon Dynomite.

Sara brought down the pinata.

Sara's new bed in her own room!

wow weeeeee