Sara Turley

Sara is an enthusiastic fourteen-year-old girl from Vancouver, Washington. She loves school and church and has many close friends. She has a strong will, an entertaining demeanor and and a very positive attitude. In late November, 2008, she had been in remission from cancer for about two years but her cancer has returned.

In November of 2004, Sara was diagnosed with stage 4 Neroblastoma. The cancer was first identified in her left leg, infecting most of the femur.  A small piece of a rib was removed and several growing tumors were found in her abdomen, which is where most of the cancer resides today.  In the past six years, she has been treated at five hospitals and treatment centers in two states with many conventional treatments and clinical trials, including an intensive regimen of chemotherapy, surgery, blood replacement, stem cell transplant and radiation therapy.

As of early 2010, she is no longer receiving treatment.  Due to the tumor growth, she was no longer qualified to receive treatment on the last clinical trial program and has decided to take a break from treatment.  She receives medication for pain control, massage and physical therapy.

She attends school, a couple of classes a day when she feels well enough - and enjoys the frequent company of family and good friends.  She enjoys having vistitors at home.

We sincerly appreciate all of the support for our community and frinds this year.  At least 1,200 of Sara's "Love The Life You Live" shirts have been sold.  In October & November 2010, our friends at Hitachi Consulting in Portland and Seattle organized fundraisers and donated over $14,000 to help pay for medical expenses.  Read about the Love Life 5K Fun Run.

A lot of the content on this site is from the time of her original treatment in 2004-2006.

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