History of the Theodore Turley Family Organization

The Theodore Turley Family Organization was established in 1958 and a newsletter was started the same year.  A mailing list was compiled with the intent to “reach all adult descendents of Theodore Turley who were living.”

Officers of the organization, elected at an early reunion held July 24, 1958 in Woodruff, Arizona were as follows:

Family Representative:  Floyd Turley
President:  Lawrence E. Turley
Vice President:  Floyd Turley
Vice President:  L. Barr Turley
Vice President:  Charles Turley
Historian:  Hortense Fuller
Assistant Historian:  Vessa Peal
Genealogist:  Olive K. Turley

In addition to starting a newsletter, other activities included genealogical research, preparing names for temple ordinances, and organizing family reunions.  A major project was the preparation of a book about the descendents of Theodore Turley, which was completed and published in 1978 titled: The Theodore Turley Family Book.

At one notable Mesa, Arizona reunion in 1971, a letter was read from Dr. Joseph “Soll” Turley, a surviving grandson of Theodore Turley.  “Soll” was living in California and had the journals of Theodore in his possession.  He turned over the journals to the family organization and they eventually ended up at BYU. Portions of the journals were used to prepare the 1978 book.  Other reunions were scheduled and the organization leadership changed over the years.  In 1995 the newsletter emerged in a different format and Jay Turley served as organization President/Business Manager.  In 2000 Ella Mae Judd took over as editor of the newsletter and Guy Turley assumed the role of President. In 2006 the seven children of Lawrence E. Turley assumed the role of leading the organization.

Note:  This is a very brief history with additional information to be added in the future.