Family Line Representatives

The Family Line Representatives are current individuals who are interested in providing information on the deceased and living descendents for each of the potential 22 descendent lines listed below.  To protect the privacy of individuals listed on this site, please contact Mark E.Turley to obtain contact information for any family line representative. 

Theodore Turley Descendent Lines
(Surviving adults with descendents)

Current Family Line Representatives
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Theodore & Francis Amelia Kimberley


   Mary Ann Turley Cook None
   Priscilla Rebecca Turley Lyman None
   Frederick Turley  None
   Sarah Elizabeth Turley Franklin  None
   Isaac Turley (see list below)  
   Charlotte Turley Bushman  Ann Lewis

Theodore & Mary Clift

   Francis Kimberley Turley McIntosh None

Theodore & Ruth Ann Giles

   Joseph Orson Turley (adopted) None
   Jacob Omner Turley  None

Isaac & Sarah Greenwood

   Theodore Wilford Turley  Wanda Smith
   William Henry Turley   (No Descendents)
   Alma Ruben Turley   Annette Raley
   Joseph Hartley Turley  ?
   Hyrum Turley  Richard Lee
   George Albert Turley  Tami Thompson
   Charles Dennis Turley  Nancy Eldridge
   John Andrew Turley  ?

Isaac & Clara Ann Tolton

   Edward Franklin Turley   Marie Dugger
   Esther Turley McClellan  Claudette Jones
   Francis Turley Romney  Ted Pyper
   Earnest Turley    Tony Turley
   Clara Ellen Turley Walser None
   Isaac Turley Jr ?
   Anna Priscillia Turley Van Wagoner.  Maxine Powell

If you have an interest in any of these lines and are not currently involved, your contributions are greatly needed and appreciated.